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Mr. Beer Linebacker Doppel Bock – Mr Beer #3

After brewing a couple of the “Standard” level Mr. Beer kits, it was finally time to step up a level to one of the Deluxe All-Malt beer kits.

I opted for the Linebacker Doppelbock, which Mr. Beer says, “Mix together the deep roasted malts, toasted nutty flavor, and coffee aroma of the Linebacker Doppel Bock and the complex blend of pilsner, caramel, and chocolate malts of the Creamy Brown UME to create a nearly black and extremely roasty flavored porter style beer”.

Brewing the Linebacker Doppel Bock

Brewing this kit is pretty much just like the last couple of Mr. Beer brews I have created.  What makes this kit one of the “Deluxe” kits is the can of unhopped malt, in this case a creamy brown.  Instead of a booster pack, you get something that will make the beer quite a bit more interesting and flavorful.  Other than that, it’s the same process.  In short, I heated the water, dissolved the two cans of LME (liquid malt extract), and added to the Keg.

After adding the yeast and letting it sit for 5 minutes, I screwed on the cap and took the Keg to my special brewing room (a.k.a. – my hall closet).

Fermentation and Bottling

With the Mr. Beer kits, I struggle to find much to write about, as the processes so closely match from batch to batch, but I did run into some issues with this batch.  After a couple of days in the Keg, I didn’t feel like the beer had begun fermenting at all.  I tasted the wort, and it didn’t seem to have changed at all — though I really couldn’t tell one way or the other.  I figured I should take action before the whole batch went bad, so I decided to steal one of the yeast packets from a different kit.

The yeast packets are all generic, so I’m assuming the yeast is the same for every batch of Mr. Beer brew.  I borrowed the yeast from my Blonde Ale.  I won’t elaborate for now, but I’ll explain how I made up for the loss when I write up my Blonde Ale blog.

Anyways, the second packet of yeast seemed to do at least a little something.  I wouldn’t say there was much action in the Keg, but I could finally smell that alcohol was being created (one of the bonuses of using a small closet, I guess).

Bottling went smoothly.  Again, I used an 8 pack of the plastic one liter bottles.

Drinking the Linebacker Doppel Bock

It’s currently Summer, and dark beers aren’t exactly thirst quenching, but I can say that this is easily my best Mr. Beer brew thus far.  The darker beer has quite a bit of flavor, while being smooth and inoffensive, as seems to be my impression of Mr. Beers in general.

About Doppel Bocks

From Wikipedia: It has a very strong malty aroma, with some toasty aromas. Some alcohol aroma may be present, and darker versions may have a chocolate-like or fruity aroma. The flavor is very rich and malty, with toasty flavors and noticeable alcoholic strength. Most versions are fairly sweet, due to little or no hop flavor.

From BeerAdvocate: have a very full-bodied flavor and are darker than their little Bock brothers and sisters and a higher level of alcohol too. They range in color from dark amber to nearly black, and dark versions often have slight chocolate or roasted characters.


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