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Mr. Beer Brewmaster’s Ultimate Beer Kit

Up to this point, I have brewed from a bunch of Brewer’s Best kits and one Coopers kit. I have a friend who got started brewing from Mr. Beer offers a collection of beer making kits, supplies, and merchandise. Mr. Beer offers a collection of beer making kits, supplies, and merchandise. Mr. Beer kits, and I was curious to know how the process differs between the two. I decided to dive right in and purchase the biggest Mr. Beer kit you can get, the “Ultimate Beer Kit“. This big dog kit comes with supplies to brew 8 batches of beer, plus some additional goodies, which I’ll go over, too.

First off, the Ultimate kit comes with supplies to make 8 batches of beer. The cool thing is that these kits vary from the very basic Mr. Beer kits, to their premium kits. You get a nice mixture of what Mr. Beer has to offer. The kits included (premium) American Devil IPA, Witty Monk Witbier, Pilothouse Pilsner, (deluxe) Linebacker Doppel Bock, Classic American Blonde, (standard) Cowboy Lager, Whispering Wheat Weizenbier, and Octoberfest Vienna Lager. I’ll write about each of these brews as I have them complete.

The Ultimate kit comes with a bunch of the standard Mr. Beer brewing things, too. The basic kit is the same as their Brewmaster’s Select kit, which includes 1 Fermenter with Lid & Tap Assembly, 2 Premium Refills, 8 Reusable Plastic 1-Liter Bottles w/ Caps 8 Labels with MR.BEER® Logo, 2 Pint Glasses with MR.BEER® Logo, 1 Baseball Cap with MR.BEER® Logo, 1 T-shirt with MR.BEER® Logo 1 Brew-o-meter (thermometer), 1 Sugar Measure, 1 Brewer’s Guide, 1 Easy to Follow 4 Step Brewing Instructions. Much of this is cool, but not so necessary… especially the baseball cap… It’s not all fluff, though. The sugar measure is very handy, and makes individual bottle priming a snap. It’s also really nice to have the 1 Liter plastic bottles. It was skeptical at first, but 1L is a GREAT amount for brewing, and the Mr. Beer batches fit perfect in a case of 8 of them.

The additional items that make this the Ultimate kit include 1 Premium Refill, 2 Deluxe Refills, 3 Standard Refills, 1 Deluxe Bottling System, 1 Hop Scale, 1 Funnel w/Strainer, 1 Adj. Measuring Spoon. The additional refills are the value in this kit, and they force you to branch out and try some styles you might not purchase on your own. The bottling system is handy, but I have yet to use the scale, funnel, or spoon. They look fancy, though… for what that’s worth.

Really excited to try out everything this kit has to offer. I’ve been slow to brew the last couple of months, and should have several Mr. Beer updates coming very soon! I also purchased a Hard Cider kit, which I’ll share soon.


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