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Mr. Beer Archer’s Select Hard Cider Kit

At the same time as I purchased the Mr Beer Ultimate Kit, I also purchased the Archer’s Select Hard Cider Kit.  I had no idea how a hard cider would turn out, so I opted for the medium kit, as opposed to the big-dog kit like I purchased for the Mr. Beer Beer kit.  In hindsight, I regret not getting the Ultimate kit.  For the money it’s a heck of a lot more brewing!  The individual batches are about $20, apiece, and somehow it’s just easier for me to spend more on a big kit than drop $20 for a 2 gallon batch of beer….

This cool kit includes the materials to brew 2 batches of cider.  The first is a traditional cider, and the second is a more interesting cider with additional fruit.  The base kit is the same as the Archer’s Orchard kit, but for about $20 more you get a second batch to brew, a Brew-o meter, sugar measure, and funnel.  I guess I should mention that the Archer’s Orchard kit (the basic kit) includes a Fermenter, a Traditional Cider Refill, 2 Pint Glasses, 8 Bottles with Caps, 8 Labels, & Instructions.

I will update the blog as I brew each batch of cider.  If everything turns out well, I think I’ll end up buying the Ultimate kit later on.  The 6 batches included with the kit just about make up for the price, and I have a feeling it’ll be nice to keep cider on hand for the non-beer drinkers.   I guess we’ll see!

**Note that I may have things pictured that don’t come with the kit.  My beer and cider kits came packaged together, and I think some of these items may have been for the beer kit.  Easy solution, just buy both like I did!**


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