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Brewing the Classic American Blonde Ale

An interesting thing happened on my last batch.  I didn’t feel like my Doppel Bock was fermenting, so I stole a packet of yeast from the Blonde Ale kit.  The catch, that meant that now I’m short on yeast for my Blonde.  This gave me a fun chance to try out reusing the yeast from the Doppel Bock.

The day I bottled the Doppel Bock also needed to be the day I started the Classic American Blonde Ale.  I went ahead and bottled the Doppel Bock, just like normal, but I made sure to leave the trub and old yeast in the bottom of the Mr. Beer Keg.

Next up, I boiled water and dissolved my sugars – standard stuff for a Mr. Beer batch.  I filled the Mr. Beer keg with some room temp water, added my hot dissolved sugars, then topped off with cooler water to bring down the temp.  I didn’t make a good note, but I think I lightly stirred the contents of the keg.  Not fully stirring up the sediment from the last batch, but enough to mix things up a little.   At this point I screwed on the lid and crossed my fingers…

Used Yeast Fermentation

Eureka!  I wouldn’t have bet on it, but the next day I could smell that fermentation was taking place.  Looks like this might just work!

Bottling the Blonde Ale

I ended up getting a little busy… so this batch sat in the keg for a whole month before I was ready to bottle.  At least I know the fermentation had completed, right?

Starting gravity was 1.025.  When it was all said and done, my final gravity was .096 – which calculates to about 5.8% alcohol.  Nice!

I’ve got most of my plastic Mr. Beer bottles being used for other batches, so I had a strange mix of the Blonde.  I used 2 Growlers, 3 Liter Bottles, and 3 Grolsch style bottles.

I primed using amounts specified in the instructions, but I may have made a mistake… about a week after bottling I ended up with my first Bottle Bomb!  I’ll write and post pix of that soon!

Final Tasting and Thoughts

The best part of this batch was that I got to re-use yeast from another beer.  I have a feeling that this contributes a little more character to what might otherwise be a pretty boring Blonde Ale.  Using the yeast from a much darker beer, I think that my Blonde ended up with a little darker color, and a little bit of additional flavor.  Honestly, it’s pretty good.  As with any Mr. Beer, it’s nothing too mind blowing, but there’s also very little to complain about.  A fun experiment that actually worked out in the end.

Twice Used Yeast



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