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I apologize, I didn’t take great notes during this batch — it was before I’d decided to start the homebrewing blog!

I used a Brewer’s Best Weizenbeer kit.  Followed the kit instructions.  In general, I was MUCH better prepared than I’d been for my first batch of beer.  I’d purchased new hoses to replace my old ones, I knew the process better, and everything was much more sanitary.

Process & Issues

Of course I still ran in to a few problems…

Boiling. The boil went on a little long because the pot lost contact with the heat element at one point. The wort cooled during that period, then we may have overheated it bringing it back up. I also wonder if we had the wort boiling a little hotter than we needed to be.  Other than that, the boil went pretty smooth.

Fermenting. I fermented for 7 days.  The instructions said 7, so it seemed like enough, and the fermenting bucket had quit bubbling. Not sure that 7 days was long enough, though.  I should have let it go longer.

Results and Thoughts

Final product is a little sweet, and has a tinge of banana flavor. Not bad, but not great either. The guy at the shop said that the kit I used tends to be a little sweet.  A little research found that boiling the wort too hot can make some of the sugars non-fermentable. I think that’s what happened.

** Update** After sitting for a couple of months, the beers is MUCH better.  The sweetness and slight banana flavor have mostly mellowed, especially the banana flavor.  Add in an orange wedge, and you’ve got a pretty decent beer!

I’m actually not a fan of Wheat beers, so I don’t really like it – but those who are have told me it’s great.  Take that for what you will!

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  • luke w May 27, 2010, 4:56 am

    your probably the wrong person to ask seeing as your not a fan of wheatbeer but anyhoo….
    i was wondering if it was possabe to use half honey instead of all sugar in the first fermentation process? on any beer infact, i would try it but due to time,space and money constraints i cannot afford to have a ‘spoiled’ brew!
    nice site by the way, if you ever come to New Zealand drop me a mail mate.

  • Jeremy May 27, 2010, 11:06 am

    Thanks for the comment Luke! I’m still working my way through the Brewer’s Best kits, with an occasional Mr. Beer thrown in. I’m hoping to start playing with variables, soon, but like you, I haven’t wanted to ruin a batch!

    I recently chatted up another home brewer who likes to use honey in his batches. I think if you check around some of the home brewing forums, you might be able to find the right amounts to use. I think honey would make for a great Wheat beer! I plan to try out honey, chocoloate, and fruit additions to some upcoming beers. Have a few kits to work my way through yet, though. Cheers!

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